Birthstones by Month

Jadeite and Nephrite: Two Different Types of Jade Birthstones

Jade is a beautiful stone that has been used as birthstone for many thousands of years. It has been highly valued and honored in ancient China, and even to date, it holds a very high position among all the other gemstones in this culture. Today, Jade is equally revered by the Chinese, as much as a symbol of worship (e.g., statue of Goddess Quan Yin) as it is a decorative unit. For the Chinese people, Jade is considered pretty much like diamond, one of the most revered stones in America today. For the Chinese, Jade embodies Divine qualities and brings […]

Green Aventurine Birthstone — Months, Signs, and Uses

Aventurine is an opaque variety of quartz with chemical formula SiO2. It can also contain some amounts of plagioclase Feldspar in its matrix. Its hardness is between 6.5 and 7, which is the average range for a silicate material. Its most notable property is aventurescence, a sparkling display of colors, that occurs as a result of the presence of tiny mineral inclusions (mica or hematite) on its surface. The color of Aventurine can be green, brown, orange, yellow, blue, and red. Most common is the green variation, and here we are going to consider this one only. Notable occurrences of […]

Labradorite: Natural Birthstone of February and March

Labradorite is a variety of feldspar of beautiful blue, grey, green, or yellow color or a combination thereof. The most important property of this stone that it shows a physical phenomenon called labradorescence. Labradorescence is a nice display of a rainbow colors as the light rays refract and interfere over the different planes on the surface of this stone. The attractive color flashes of Labradorite can be compared with the color of the most attractive butterflies in the world. That’s why the alternative name of labradorite is spectrolite. Metaphysical: Labradorite is a stone of protection and mystical powers. It is […]

Birthstones by Day, Hour, and Season

Stones have always been a part of the religious and spiritual beliefs of the ancient peoples. Many ancient traditions used them as symbols, tokens, and talismans, in their everyday life as well as in their magical or religious ceremonies. One typical example are the twelve breastplate stones of the High Priest, as described in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. Each of the 12 stones was associated to one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The breastplate (Hoshen) contained four rows of gemstones distributed in the following order: in the first row there were Ruby, Topaz, and Aquamarine; […]

April Birthstone Diamond and Its Meaning

April is honored with Diamond as its one and only birthstone. Both the Modern and the Traditional Birthstone Lists reflect this fact. The Month of April features two zodiac signs: Aries and Taurus. If you are born in either one of them, Diamond is your personal birthstones. However, it is good to know, that the Mystical Birthstone List, associates Carnelian with Aries and Rose Quartz with Taurus. In the following we will turn our attention only to Diamond’s physical and metaphysical properties, because Diamond is one of the most widely recognized birthstones of April. In fact, the American National Association […]

December Birthstones — Turquoise, Zircon, and Tanzanite

December is honored with three birthstones, Turquoise, Zircon, and Tanzanite. Each of the stones of December has one of a kind attributes that make it both important and alluring. The Modern Birthstone List includes Zircon and Turquoise, whereas the Traditional List leans more toward Tanzanite, with some interpretations including also Ruby. In the following we will investigate the physical and metaphysical properties of the three most widely accepted birhtstones of this month. Just for the record, the Month of December features two astrological signs: Sagittarius and Capricorn. If you are under either one of them, check the info below to select […]

November Birthstones — Topaz and Citrine

People conceived in November are honored with two Birthstones, the venerated Topaz, and the tender, recuperating Citrine. The traditional, mystical, and modern birthstone charts all agree about the main stone for November: Topaz. The additional birthstone of this month, however, is a subject of disagreement. The modern chart claims it is Citrine, the traditional puts more emphasis on Pearls, whereas the mystical chart believes it should be Chalcedony.  In this text, we will restrict our discussion to Topaz and Citrine as the most important and most widely accepted birthstones of November. In case you are not familiar with Astrology, the […]

Pink Tourmaline — Main October Birthstone

The traditional and modern birthstone charts fully agree when it comes to the stones designated as October Birthstones: Pink Tourmaline and Opal. Tourmaline is even the spiritual birthstone of Libra. Both Tourmaline and Opal extremely radiant stones, and can be very expensive… especially Opal of gemstone quality. The Month of October is a host of two astrological signs: Libra and Scorpio. If you are either one of them, read on for more info on your potential personal stone. The Spiritual Birthstone of Libra Regardless of color, Tourmaline is the spiritual birthstone of Libra according to the the spiritual birthstones chart […]

The Sapphire Destiny: September Birthstone

Depending on the particular interpretation of birthstones, we have quite a few September birthstones. The list includes Sapphire, Lapis lazuli, Peridot, Agate, Zircon, Moonstone and Sardonyx. Sapphire is the birthstone of September according to the Modern interpretation. The Traditional chart indicate Lapis lazuli as the main September birthstone. Zircon is the main birthstone in the Vedic interpretation, but in the Modern interpretation Zircon is a stone of the month of December. The mystical birthstone of September is Citrine. In the following, we will consider only the most important September birthstone, Sapphire. Our Spiritual Purpose Human beings have each been created […]

The Meaning of the Most Popular July Birthstones

There are several important July birthstones, including Ruby, Sapphire, Carnelian, Onyx, Sardonyx, and Turquoise, all depending on the interpretation of birthstones in question. The two Zodiac signs that can be found in the month of July are Cancer and Leo, with Cancer having the larger share of this month. If you are born in either one of them, check this article to find what crystals, potentially, might be the best choice for you. Ruby One of the most esteemed gemstone of July is Ruby. In fact, the modern chart designates this gemstone as major birthstone for July. It is also […]

June Birthstones, their Meanings and Symbolism

There are several June birthstones, depending on the actual birthstone interpretation chart. Some authors enumerate as many as 10 stones that correspond to this month. The modern interpretation of birthstones includes Pearls, Moonstone and Alexandrite as the stones characteristic for month June. The second most popular interpretation, the traditional chart, speaks of Cat’s eye, Turquoise, Agate, and Alexandrite. Here, we will focus our attention to Alexandrite, Pearls, and Moonstone, as the modern classification suggests. The two Zodiac signs that share the month of June are Gemini and Cancer. Therefore, if you are born in either one of these signs, read […]

Emerald — the Birthstone For May

According to the modern chart of birthstones, Emerald is a birthstone gemstone for May. If we take a look at the traditional birth gems chart, the May birthstone would be Agate. On the other hand, the spiritual interpretation (Mystical Birthstones by Olga Rezo) associates Rose Quartz with the month of May. In the Ayurvedic system, Emerald is associated with planet Mercury. In the following we are going to consider the modern chart of gemstones, and talk about Emerald. If you like, you can explore the other gemstones associated with the month of May. For example, if you are a spiritually […]

August Birthstone Peridot

According to the modern interpretation, Peridot is a birthstone gem of August. If we consult the traditional birth gems chart, however, the August birthstone  is Sardonyx. Yet the spritual classification (Mystical Birthstones by Olga Rezo) associates Rock crystal with the month of August. In this post we will mainly use the modern chart of gemstones, and talk about Peridot. Feel free to explore the other recommended gems. This is especially true if you are a spiritually inclined person, in which case you should consider using Rock crystal in parallel with Peridot.

March Birthstone Aquamarine – the Queen of the Sea

While the traditional birthstone chart relates Bloodstone and Jasper to the month of March, the modern chart associates Aquamarine to this month. Therefore Aquamarine is widely regarded as a March birthstone. If you are born under the Zodiac signs of Pisces and Aries, chances are your lucky stone is Aquamarine. Aquamarine belongs to the family of the mineral Beryl. Aquamarine’s color, like the color of the sea, can be of various shades of blue. Its closest relative is Emerald, the green variation of Beryl. Notable occurrences are in India, Russia and Brazil.

Amethyst – February Birthstone

The modern birthstone chart assigns Amethyst as February birthstone. In the same way, the traditional chart of birthstones also relates Garnet to the month of February.  So, if you are born under the Zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces, your stone is Amethyst. People born in the sign of Pisces could also have Aquamarine as their birthstone.  However, as a mystical birthstone, considering the spiritual powers of this crystal, we believe that it is suitable for virtually all signs of the Horoscope. Amethyst is a wondrous crystal. It has been used ever since the times of Cleopatra, who used to […]

Garnet – January Birthstone

The modern birthstone chart assigns Garnet as January birthstone. Similarly, the traditional  birthstone chart also indicates that Garnet should be considered a January birthstone (that is, a birthstone of Capricorn and Aquarius). Garnet is a stone with pronounced metaphysical properties. Some people use Garnet for astral travel, aura purification, clairvoyance, attaining cosmic consciousness,  psychic communication, and transcendental meditation. It can also be used in healing.         Garnet is one of minerals that humans have used since the Bronze Age. It has been used both as a precious stone and as abrasive. It is a good communication stone, […]

The Traditional and Modern Association of Birthstones by Month

When it comes to birthstones, there are numerous different interpretations. Throughout time, different cultures and civilizations associated different meanings and different metaphysical powers to the various precious stones, crystals and minerals.  Thereby, these ancient peoples were simultaneously defining different classifications of birthstones. Today we know of two widely accepted lists of birthstones: The traditional list,and the modern birthstone list Although they are widespread, it does not mean that they are accurate. In fact, from the spiritual and metaphysical point of view these lists are not very accurate. For example, we regard citrine to be Aries birthstone (in other words April […]