Emerald — the Birthstone For May

According to the modern chart of birthstones, Emerald is a birthstone gem for May. If we take a look at the traditional birth gems chart, the May birthstone  would be Agate. On the other hand, the spiritual interpretation (Mystical Birthstones by Olga Rezo) associates Rose Quartz with the month of May. In the following we are going to consider the modern chart of gemstones, and talk about Emerald. If you like, you can explore the other gemstones associated with the month of May. For example, if you are a spiritually oriented person, you should consider using Rose Quartz along with […]

August Birthstone Peridot

According to the modern interpretation, Peridot is a birthstone gem of August. If we consult the traditional birth gems chart, however, the August birthstone  is Sardonyx. Yet the spritual classification (Mystical Birthstones by Olga Rezo) associates Rock crystal with the month of August. In this post we will mainly use the modern chart of gemstones, and talk about Peridot. Feel free to explore the other recommended gems. This is especially true if you are a spiritually inclined person, in which case you should consider using Rock crystal in parallel with Peridot.

March Birthstone Aquamarine – the Queen of the Sea

While the traditional birthstone chart relates Bloodstone and Jasper to the month of March, the modern chart associates Aquamarine to this month. Therefore Aquamarine is widely regarded as a March birthstone. If you are born under the Zodiac signs of Pisces and Aries, chances are your lucky stone is Aquamarine. Aquamarine belongs to the family of the mineral Beryl. Aquamarine’s color, like the color of the sea, can be of various shades of blue. Its closest relative is Emerald, the green variation of Beryl. Notable occurrences are in India, Russia and Brazil.

Amethyst – February Birthstone

The modern birthstone chart assigns Amethyst as February birthstone. In the same way, the traditional chart of birthstones also relates Garnet to the month of February.  So, if you are born under the Zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces, your stone is Amethyst. People born in the sign of Pisces could also have Aquamarine as their birthstone.  However, as a mystical birthstone, considering the spiritual powers of this crystal, we believe that it is suitable for virtually all signs of the Horoscope. Amethyst is a wondrous crystal. It has been used ever since the times of Cleopatra, who used to […]

Garnet – January Birthstone

The modern birthstone chart assigns Garnet as January birthstone. Similarly, the traditional  birthstone chart also indicates that Garnet should be considered a January birthstone (that is, a birthstone of Capricorn and Aquarius).         Garnet is a stone with pronounced metaphysical properties. Some people use Garnet for astral travel, aura purification, clairvoyance, attaining cosmic consciousness,  psychic communication, and transcendental meditation. It can also be used in healing. Garnet is one of minerals that humans have used since the Bronze Age. It has been used both as a precious stone and as abrasive. It is a good communication stone, […]

The Traditional and Modern Association of Birthstones by Month

When it comes to birthstones, there are numerous different interpretations. Throughout time, different cultures and civilizations associated different meanings and different metaphysical powers to the various precious stones, crystals and minerals.  Thereby, these ancient peoples were simultaneously defining different classifications of birthstones. Today we know of two widely accepted lists of birthstones: The traditional list,and the modern birthstone list Although they are widespread, it does not mean that they are accurate. In fact, from the spiritual and metaphysical point of view these lists are not very accurate. For example, we regard citrine to be Aries birthstone (in other words April […]