November Birthstones — Topaz and Citrine

Note: Please consider that the information below is provisional and given for entertainment purposes only. While gemstones may have certain effects, nobody can say for sure what they may be. The health-related and metaphysical information provided below is only what some people believe to be true.

People conceived in November are honored with two Birthstones, the venerated Topaz, and the tender, recuperating Citrine.

The traditional, mystical, and modern birthstone charts all agree about the main stone for November: Topaz. The additional birthstone of this month, however, is a subject of disagreement. The modern chart claims it is Citrine, the traditional puts more emphasis on Pearls, whereas the mystical chart believes it should be Chalcedony.  In this text, we will restrict our discussion to Topaz and Citrine as the most important and most widely accepted birthstones of November.

In case you are not familiar with Astrology, the Month of November is a host of two astrological signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius. If you are born in either one of them, continue reading for more information on your personal birthstones. As an aside, you may want to obtain Citrine if you are born in the Zodiac sign of Virgo as Citrine is spiritual stone of Virgo.

citrine roughyello-topazYellow Topaz (image left) is a gemstone displaying a variety of awesome hues. It is also called Imperial Topaz. Historically, it seems that this stone was linked to the Egyptian Sun God Ra, with its splendid, brilliant sparkle and red hot force. Topaz was often shaped in a form of ornaments and talismans.

Citrine (image right) is somewhat inverse to its November cousin in quality and attitude. While the Topaz is connected with enthusiasm, power and determination, the Citrine has tackled the more delicate characteristics of men; peace, success, dependability, mending and imagination. This stone is otherwise called the ‘Mending Quartz’ in numerous occasions.

Significance and Symbolism of the November Birthstones

Topaz is known for its related characteristics of steadiness, devotion, and flexibility. This November birthstone is used to adjust one’s feelings and thoughts for a consistent way of life. This gemstone has been utilized to improve the most profound sense of being, to advance knowledge, and slice through inconveniences and disarray to give clear thought and thinking ability to the stone’s wearer. Topaz was regularly used as a part of the crowns and rings worn by rulers, negotiators, dignitaries, and eminence.

Citrine is a brilliantly shaded gemstone that energizes and advances the great well-being of the wearer. Citrine gemstones range in shading from light yellow tones to profound orange tones. These tones have been accepted as colors that bring trust, quality, essentialness and vitality to the wearer.

Origin of the November Birthstone

Brazil is presently the main supplier of Topaz on the planet. Australia, Mexico, Afghanistan, Japan, Myanmar, Russia, Madagascar, Namibia, United States, Pakistan, Ukraine and Zimbabwe are imperative sources and exporters of the topaz gemstone.

The gemstone Citrine is mined from the Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Citrine stores are inserted in rocks by magma spilling out of volcanic blasts. Citrine is likewise found in the Ural heaps of Russia, Madagascar, France, Uruguay, Hungary, Bolivia and the United States.

Intriguing Facts about the November Birthstone

As per legend, Topaz was accepted to control warmth, having the ability to cool bubbling water and thus, outrage in a man, slicing through their sadness, fury or disarray and loaning clarity of thought to the gemstone’s wearer. Amid the medieval times, the stone was utilized by Royalty and Clergy. People in a position of power had a false notion that Topaz engraved with a Falcon could empower the wearer to develop the goodwill of rulers, giving peace and thriving to the country.

The November birthstone, Citrine is accepted to offer favorable luck and accomplishment to the wearer, gaining it the title ‘The Success Stone’. This conviction involves that the stone may be utilized to advance achievement in business. For example, Citrine can be set in the money box of a shop, worn or given to a friend, granting the owner more success in business matters.

The November Birthstones Name Origin

The name Topaz is derived from the Greek expression “Τοpáziοs” or ‘Τοpáziοn’. Another hypothesis expresses that this word was coined from the Sanskrit word “Tapas” which means extreme commitment to meditation and self-realization. A third hypothesis expresses that Topaz was named after the Hebrew word “Tapooz” related to the orange hues of this stone. Both the second and the third hypothesis are being investigated as the terms originate before the Greek expression for the topaz.

The name Citrine was derived from the French word “Citrin” which means lemon. Regardless of the stone’s various brilliant tones, it was once compared to lemon, getting its name from the word for lemon in French.

Microscopic Makeup – Composition and Color of the November Birthstones

Topaz is made out of fluorine and aluminum, and it is a silicate mineral. Like all the other precious stones, Topaz is to a great degree hard. The hardness contributes to its durability, however, it is not so hard to break it, if there are internal strains in the structure or if you are not careful. Because of the strong bonds inside the mineral, this gemstone is among the hardest silicates.  It occurrs in different sizes, from minor pieces to monstrous rocks.

Topaz shows pink, yellow, orange, purple and blue tones. The purest Topaz gemstone is drab with a tinge of shading attributable to impurities. The hues showed by Topaz range from wine to pale dim, yellow to blue-cocoa and ruddy orange. The stone can be made to show certain hues with lab treatment. The cost of this stone is equated to a good win in online casinos, more about which you can read on the site The greatest value has the Blue Topaz variety.


Citrine is a variation of Quartz (also a siliate material) displaying a variety of hues – they range from light yellow to darker cocoa hues. Natural Citrines are exceptionally rare; these gemstones are made when Amethyst and Smoked Quartz are subjected to natural heat treatment. However, they can be made in a laboratory too, by subjecting Amethyst and Smoky Quartz to warmth treatment. It is hard to distinguish an artificially produced Citrine from the natural yellow Citrine just by appearance.

three pieces of tubled citrine birthstone

Citrine and Yellow Topaz, have very different hardness and other optical and physical properties. Citrines have ferric contamination that may give different tones to the stone.


If you are born in the sign of Scorpio or Sagittarius, you are blessed because Topaz and Citrine are such amazing gemstones and you can enjoy having them in your company. Citrine is moderately expensive, wheres Topaz can be more expensive, depending on its quality (size, clarity, or color).