Spiritual Birthstones by Sign

In the following the spiritual birthstones for each of the Zodiac Signs are presented. Please note that there are numerous interpretations, and the one given here is based on the deeper spiritual significance of the astrological sings. Each individual is unique, and during the course of ones life it is not uncommon that the person gos through a number of different signs, not just the one they are born in. That is why this, as well as any other given birthstone interpretation, should be understood only as a general guideline into the subject of spiritual birthstones.

Malachite as Birthstone

Malachite is a stone that attracts spiritual powers into our physical reality. This is a stone of transformation and change. It clears the space from […]

Hematite: Birthstone of Aquarius

Hematite is a versatile stone that can be used for healing, grounding, divination, meditation, stabilization, and protection. The color of Hematite is metallic gray, at […]

Coral as Birthstone

Because Coral is of organic origin, its most important function is to connect us with Nature and Her blessings. The tender energy of Coral is […]

Meanings of Sunstone and Birthstone Compatibility

Sunstone is a great looking stone, despite the fact that it is not a precious stone. It belongs to the class of semi precious stones. […]

Calcite as a Birthstone: Lore, Properties, and Healing

Calcite is one of the most important stones for industrial application. It can also be used as a gemstone in jewelry production. However, here we […]

Green Aventurine Birthstone — Months, Signs, and Uses

Aventurine is an opaque variety of quartz with chemical formula SiO2. It can also contain some amounts of plagioclase Feldspar in its matrix. Its hardness […]

Amazonite Birthstone – Months, Signs, and Uses

One of the alternative names of Amazonite is “stone of hope”, as it is believed that it brings hope and inspires confidence with the wearer. […]

Snowflake Obsidian — Birthstone of Scorpio

One of the less known birthstones of Scorpio is Obsidian. If you are born from October 24 to November 22, you may consider this black […]

Kyanite — Natural Birthstone of Taurus

Kyanite doesn’t belong to the traditional birthstone chart. It is not a member of the modern birthstone chart as well. Kyanite also doesn’t belong to […]

Citrine – Birthstone of Virgo

Last time we talked about Tourmaline as a spiritual birthstone of Libra. Now, we are going to focus our attention on the Zodiac sign of […]

Tourmaline – Birthstone of Libra

Last time we were discussing Rock Crystal as a spiritual birthstone of Leo. Now, we are going to elaborate on the Zodiac sign of Libra, […]

Rock Crystal – Birthstone of Leo

Spiritual science assigns Rock Crystal as a birthstone of Leo. Please note that this is different from the traditional or modern interpretations of birthstones. In […]

Chalcedony – Sagittarius Birthstone

So far we have seen that the spiritual interpretation assigns Tiger’s Eye to Gemini, Rose Quartz to Taurus, and Carnelian to Aries as their birthstones. […]

Tiger Eye – Gemini Birthstone

The birthstone of Gemini from the spiritual point of view is Tiger Eye. Although the traditional interpretation assigns Emerald, Moonstone and Pearls as birthstones, we […]

Rose Quartz – Taurus Birthstone

The Light Temple of Faith, Strength, Fortitude and Hercules Power sends its outpourings increasingly in the period from April 21 to May 20. People born […]

Carnelian – Aries Birthstone

There are numerous interpretations regarding the birthstone of Aries – here we present what we believe is the real spiritual association between the zodiac sign […]

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