Rose Quartz – Taurus Birthstone

Note: Please consider that the information below is provisional and given for entertainment purposes only. While gemstones may have certain effects, nobody can say for sure what they may be. The health-related and metaphysical information provided below is only what some people believe to be true.

The Light Temple of Faith, Strength, Fortitude and Hercules Power sends its outpourings increasingly in the period from April 21 to May 20. People born in the astrological sign of Taurus are especially sensitive to energies of this Temple. From the wondrous world of crystals and minerals, Rose Quartz is one of the favorite stones of this Zodiac Light Temple and an excellent transmitter of its energies. Rose Quartz can receive, store, focus, and ceaselessly irradiate the gifts of this temple. Therefore, it is Rose Quartz, dear Taurus, which is your birthstone – your personal crystal.


In the ancient civilization of Lemuria, during the cycle of Taurus, this zodiac sign was considered the point of entrance of the Feminine Divine into the realms of elemental and physical creation.

taurus the bullThe most characteristic aspect of Taurus is reflected in the desires, as the central part of their personality. For most of them, it means longing for satisfaction of all sorts of material desires within the sense world. But, for a small number of spiritually oriented Taurus personalities, this impulse is transferred to passion for liberation, for developing an enlightened value system and moral principles, and for reaching a state of inner peace. Given that peace (in its lower aspects) is often seen as passivity and inertia, Taurus is often in a situation to choose between passivity on one side and action for satisfaction of their desires on the other. Therefore, they have to make it clear to themselves, whether their everyday actions are motivated by mundane desires or by their inner guidance in concord with their spiritual soul and intuition. Intuition, by the way, is what brings them additional clarity, so needed in their lives. Taurus individuals have two choices: either they will devote their lives to the task of transmuting matter in order to be capable of developing love, truth peace and other divine qualities, or matter will become their ultimate aim, along with the need to possess people and things around them.

Christ teaches us how to turn our desires into aspirations – a process represented by the struggle of the human will to submerge itself to the Divine Will. Now when Shambala’s powers are pouring out into the world more intensely, we get another possibility that includes cooperation, understanding and enlightened unity between our individual will and the great Divine Will. Shambala is the conscious incarnated spiritual intelligence of our human rase. The energy of Shambala can be experienced halfway between the third eye and crown chakra (energy centers). That’s the place where internal vision and higher knowledge spiritually reveal to us.

Taurus comes before Gemini in the Zodiac Circle. That’s why the spiritually inclined Taurus will have no problems transforming their ideas into words and deeds. They will know how to perform creative work and materialize their visions. Fear will disappear and Taurus, who has been walking blindly in his/her own self-love, will step on the path of liberation. Self-pity – a consequence of their constant focusing on desires and frustration due to desires will give place to compassion and will be transformed into selfless service. For a Taurus individual it is a metaphysical challenge to avert its selfish and conditioned love into unconditional love and universal sharing of abundance.

Taurus has a strong will and fortitude. For a ripe soul this will reflect itself into uncompromising determination to surmount the obstacles on the road, and for a young soul this will mean conservativism and stubbornness. Taurus is a symbol of the earth – it represents the state of being deeply rooted into all earthly and material affairs.

Venus rules the Taurus. During the old Rome, as well as today, Venus was a goddess of love, lust and pleasure. The keywords of Taurus are “I have” and “Let the fight be fearless”. More about the personality traits, symbolism and mythology of this sign you can read here.

Rose Quartz – Birthstone of Taurus

Rose Quartz stimulates love and opens the heart chakra, bringing peace, happiness, faithfulness, and good relations. It promotes forgiveness, love and friendship. Rose Quartz is a symbol of gentle love and beauty. It calms the emotions and eases the emotional traumas. It stimulates the imagination and intellect, opening our hearts for inner calm, positive self love and increase of self-respect.

During the ancient Egyptian civilization, Rose Quarts was thought to slow down the aging process. Rose quartz bracelet was put on the arm of a newborn child to ease the transition between the spiritual and physical realms. This stone of Venus promotes adapting and successful integration of these two worlds.

Rose Quartz awakes and strengthens the sense of beauty. We cannot possibly try to accept other people’s love unless we love ourselves. Love is important for all, especially for those involved in spiritual growth.

Rose quartz can attract love if placed under the bed or in the “love corner”. The love corner is the utmost right corner in your house, as seen from the entrance door. A nice idea is to wear Rose Quartz shaped as heart. It will help you renew trust and harmony in your current relationships. You can sleep with it under your pillow. If some pain from the past comes to you during your sleep, accept it, as there is no use from suppressing it.

What’s Amethyst for the spirit, that’s Rose Quartz for the heart. Rose Quartz is beneficial for the whole body, but its healing properties are especially suitable for the heart and blood circulation. It cleanses and opens the heart and brings deep self healing and truthful love toward oneself. It helps with depression and insomnia; it regenerates the skin, reduces the wrinkles, and improves the complexion.

You may choose your own personal crystal and wear it always with pride and style. Love, respect, and enjoy your personal Rose Quartz birthstone. If you are born in the zodiac sign of Taurus, you may find the following crystals and stones also very beneficial:

Emerald – brings understanding, patience, and insight.

Topaz – brings strength, courage, and wisdom.

Aquamarine – brings beauty, truthfulness, and faithfulness

Boji stones – bring life strength, and good moods.

Amethyst – bring peace, wisdom and spirituality.

(From the book “Mystical Birthstones” by Olga Rezo.)