Tiger Eye – Gemini Birthstone

Note: Please consider that the information below is provisional and given for entertainment purposes only. While gemstones may have certain effects, nobody can say for sure what they may be. The health-related and metaphysical information provided below is only what some people believe to be true.

The birthstone of Gemini from the spiritual point of view is Tiger Eye. Although the traditional interpretation assigns Emerald, Moonstone and Pearls as birthstones, we believe that Tiger Eye has a much deeper significance and can be considered a personal crystal of this zodiac sign.

In the following we will explore first the most important characteristics of this sign, and then we will talk about the features of Tigers Eye.

Gemini – General Characteristics

The symbol of the zodiac sign of Gemini at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis was a maiden with a Sun disk on her forehead looking into water. The surface of the water was reflecting a picture of a young man with a Moon symbol on his forehead. Together, they were forming a unified whole, just as the ideal archetype of this Zodiac sign should be. Gemini represents a form of mystical marriage. During the ruling of Gemini, ancient peoples performed ritual marriages and other forms of matrimonials. All that exists should find its resonant harmonic force by merging its opposite. Today this concept is generally understood literally, but in reality it speaks more of finding kindred spirits incarnated in the complementary polarity of the opposite sex.

The twins are the force that produces changes necessary for the evolution of Christ’s consciousness at any point of space and time. Gemini’s inherent fluid relationship eventually converges to unity and duality becomes one. All 12 zodiac signs have their opposite signs, whom they can connect with and balance their main qualities. For example, if Leo has developed spirituality, it can hold to its individuality and at the same time incorporate the universal consciousness of Aquarius, which is its opposite sign. Similarly, the features of Aries merge with those of Libra, Scorpio with Taurus, Gemini with Sagittarius, Cancer with Capricorn, and Virgo with the sign of Pisces.

Venus is an esoteric ruler of Gemini. Mercury – messenger of the gods – is the orthodox ruler of Gemini. Mercury is the divine agent that carries messages with the speed of light between the poles. Mercury is an expression of the dual aspects of the mind that mediates between the higher and lower self. When the abstract mind frees itself of all constraints of the physical manifestation, Mercury reveals the soul spiritual triad – Manas, Buddhi and Atma.

The nature of Gemini is versatile. They interact with their environment, engaged in a process of exchanging ideas. The spirit of exploration and curiosity are those driving forces that lead them to the improvement of their thinking and communication.

They are intelligent, resourceful, and entertaining, but rarely they can focus on just a single task. Rather, they scoop on the surface of many things. They lack one-pointed orientation when it comes to following a higher goal. Gemini is an airy sign, and their keyword is – “I think”. They are able to feel the duality of life with ease – black and white, positive and negative, male and female … and they are capable of playing with them. Their spiritual task is to rise above all the dualities, and to achieve a synthesis in the consciousness of their soul. Then, they will be able to bring peace into their mind and avoid problems with their electrifying nervous system.

Gemini are rarely what they seem to be. They can suddenly change their already expressed opinion, as them, nothing is written in stone. They are free spirits guided by curiosity and a desire for getting to know new things. For them is important to create working conditions that will promote balance and harmony between their conscious mind and their emotions and desires. It is also important for them to sharpen their sense of distinction, to learn how to control their breath in order to calm the mind and how to remove the unnecessary inner dialogue. It is crucial to them to be able to focus on only one goal until they have achieved it.

Tiger Eye – Birthstone of Gemini

tiger eye birthstoneTiger eye is a warm stone of gentle vibrations that overflow its rich sunny, golden and brown colors. It has a silky gloss, essentially combining the vibration of the Earth and the Sun. Tiger eye is a stone that enhances the strength of conviction, convenience, safety, courage, self-esteem and confidence in ones own power. It provides support for new beginnings and reestablishes harmony in life. It assists in the acquisition and preservation of wealth and abundance. Tiger eye relieves stubbornness and defiance. It stimulates the flow of life energy, relieves pain and soothes.

Its golden-yellow color represents the ability of manifestation, while its brown color the energies of the Earth. Thus, tiger’s eye helps in the manifestation of ideas on the physical level. Just like Rose Quartz, which is Taurus Birthstone, or Chalcedony, which is Sagittarius Birthstone, Tiger Eye conveys an important message. The message of this birthstone of Gemini is that the physical level is a playing field where our Spirit can materialize Its will easily and with joy. Tiger’s eye is an emotional stabilizer and antidepressant. It will reinforce our own power and will, increasing concentration, and clarity of perception. It balances the Yin and Yang energies – the left and right hemispheres of our brain.

tiger eye tumbled stonesAncient Roman soldiers wore tiger’s eye as a protection and grounding tool. They believed it brings alertness, clarity and deeper insight into the current situation – here and now, clearly and without deceit.

With your personal Tiger Eye stone you can practice meditation. Find a quiet place, if possible, on a sunny day. Fully relaxed, calm your conscious mind. Put your tiger eye semiprecious stone in the palm of your right hand and keep watching at it with ease and without strain. Notice the reflections of the sun light on it. In doing so, look into the future or constructively refer to the past. You can expect to get plentiful insights if you do this meditation the proper way.

Tiger’s eye is usually placed on the Plexus Solaris. It is used often in crystal therapy, as well as in various meditations in combination with other types of crystals.

Choose your own birthstone, love it and carry it always with you. In addition to Tiger Eye, for those of you born in the sign of Gemini, some additional birthstones are Agate, Apophyllite, Tourmaline and Amethyst.

Where Can You Find Tigers Eye Stones

The best advice we can give you is to select your own birthstones in person. That way you will be able to feel the energies of the stone and decide whether or not there is a compatibility between your energy field and the energy field of the stone. However, if you insist on buying online, we regularly use Amazon.com as our favorite place for online purchase of stones and crystals. Check this link for a nice selection of tigers eye stones and jewelry.

(From the book “Mystical Birthstones” by Olga Rezo.)