Meanings of Sunstone and Birthstone Compatibility

Note: Please consider that the information below is provisional and given for entertainment purposes only. While gemstones may have certain effects, nobody can say for sure what they may be. The health-related and metaphysical information provided below is only what some people believe to be true.

Sunstone is a great looking stone, despite the fact that it is not a precious stone. It belongs to the class of semi precious stones.

If you decide to wear this stone you will likely find many benefits. For example, you may find that your mood improves. Indeed, this stone it is considered a great antidepressant stone. With Sunstone by your side, you may find it easier to rejoice in your own achievements. It will help you to look forward to the “future self” you are about to become. Sunstone is known to promote relaxation, recuperation, and enjoying in life.

Physical Properties

Alternative names are Goldstone and Aventurine Feldspar. Some specimens of Sunstone show an optical phenomenon called aventurescence, characterized by scattering of light over crystal planes. This makes Sunstone a visually very attractive gem.

Usually this stone can be found in orange, brown, or red color. The other colors are rare. When polished, it is characterized by sparkling spots across its shiny surface. This is an opaque stone, but there can be found fantastic specimens that are clear and transparent, which are then used in jewelry production and can be rather pricey.

This stone is a member of feldspar family. There are two sub-classes: orthoclase and plagioclase, and sunstone belongs to the latter sub-class.

Legend and Lore

The legend says that sunstone is a leadership stone. It promotes good will and optimistic feelings. It lifts up stress and dispels fears. The portal has an article about this stone. More precisely about how this stone brought luck to its owner. This stone of the Sun is believed to help the wearer to improve vitality and bring about good luck in games of luck. Furthermore it is believed to promote talents, creativity, originality, and independence.

The ancient people believed that this stone was once a part of the sun. For the ancient Greek people, it was a physical representation of the Sun god. For the people of ancient India, it was a powerful protective stone. For the Native American Indians, it carried the healing power of the sun and it was a stone for communication with the spirit guides.

Metaphysical Properties

Sunstone can help you improve your organizational skills and take responsibility for your life. It can also help you act with determination and make decision with clarity and in accordance with the higher purpose of life. As a stone of the Sun, it may help you make changes in your immediate environment, in your family, business, or wider community.

Some people relate Sunstone to attracting abundance and romantic love. This inspirational stone promotes vitality, happiness, freedom, and independence, and may help the wearer face dangerous situations without fear. It can help your practice self-discipline, strengthen your faith and entice desire for serving a greater good.

This mood-changing, refreshing stone can help you cleanse the energy centers of your body, encouraging cheerful views on various parts of your life and supporting optimistic thoughts.

All people with problems to achieve stability and personal strength may consider to wear this stone. It will give them personal power and integrity to fight for their interest, and encourage them to oppose the maltreatment by others.

Sunstone is believed to help overcome phobia and mental problems such as depression. It helps transform negativities into positive energy. In the metaphysical sense, Sunstone helps fight psychic attacks and prevents aura leaking.

Orange Sunxtone Bracelet from

This stone will promote strong will and personal strength, increase life energy, and desire to face different problems.

This stone can be associated with the fire energy of Feng Shui. Fire brings brightness, warmth, and illumination. This energy promotes action, whether physical or emotional. Put it in the fame and reputation corner of your home if it is arranged according to the baqua principle.

Sunstone has also been used as a stone that helps establish contacts with spirit guides.

In healing of the physical body, Sunstone may help you address problems with the spine and throat, rheumatism and mental issues.

You can always find nice jewelry with embedded Sunstone to wear. Sunstone jewelry will increase your energy, physical strength, and general health.

Sunstone as a Birthstone

Sunstone doesn’t really belong either to the traditional or to the modern birthstone chart. However, it is a natural birthstone for people born between July 22nd and August 21st. Sunstone of orange color is a natural birthstone to people born between August 22nd and September 22nd. Red birthstone is a natural birthstone to people born between October 22nd and November 20th. To all of them, it will bring happiness, success, and power.

Even though not associated with any particular sign of the horoscope, as a stone of the Sun, it will help Virgo and Aries.


You can carry sunstone always with you to absorb its beneficial vibrations in your energy field. You can wear it either as jewelry or hold it in a pouch in your pocket. Both methods are beneficial and have been used since ancient time. However, it is sometimes more practical to have your sunstone embedded into a jewelry piece. Either way, it is important to have this stone within your energy field. Skin contact is OK, but it is not necessary for the metaphysical effect. There are different jewelry designs, and some of the most popular are pendants or rings.