Meaning of the Zodiac Sign Aries

Note: Please consider that the information below is provisional and given for entertainment purposes only. While gemstones may have certain effects, nobody can say for sure what they may be. The health-related and metaphysical information provided below is only what some people believe to be true.

The Sun resides within the Zodiac House of Aries between March 21. and April 20. Aries is the very first sign of the Zodiac. It used to contain the vernal equinox. Vernal equinox is day of the year when Spring begins and when the day and the night are approximately the same length. From this point on, we have an expansion of the days and shortening of the nights. Strictly speaking, the vernal equinox has moved to the zodiac sign of Pisces, but in astrological sense Aries is still considered the sign which the Zodiacal year begins with.

Aries Mythology and Symbols

symbol of ariesThe Aries constellation is placed in the Northern sky close to the Pleiades. This constellation honors the ram and is related to the myth about the golden fleece that Jason and the Argonauts were seeking for. There are 3 bright starts in this system visible to the naked eye that are best observed in the winter sky. Hamal or Alpha Arietis is the brightest star in this constellation. The word hamal can be translated as “the head of the sheep”.

In ancient Greece Aries was the god of war and ruler of planet Mars. Aries was also identified in some of the mythological stories with the winged ram that possessed golden wool. The ram appeared out of nowhere and saved prince Phrixus and his sister Helle from certain death. It took them to Colchis – an ancient country in Asia, but during the journey, Helle fell off the flying ram and drowned. In Colchis, Phrixus was greeted by king Aeetes, the son of Helios, who gave him his daughter in marriage. As a token of gratitude, Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus and presented the Golden Fleece to the king. The skin of this ram later appeared in connection with the mythical Jason and the Argonauts.

As far as the symbolism of this sign goes, the Ram was considered a symbol of sacrifice in all early religions. For example, the Jewish Passover started around the full moon of Aries when Moses was instructed to sacrifice a ram. This event is considered the forerunner of our Easter celebrations.

The symbol of Aries – the ram- is an animal that attempts to achieve everything by impact of its head. This is a good indication about the people born under the sign of Aries – they also go in a straightforward fashion and can be as persistent as a ram in going after their goals.

Aries Personality Traits

As Mars is their ruling planet, people born under the sign of Aries bring huge amounts of energy in everything they do. This planet is their constant reservoir of energy. Moreover, they are fearless when they chase their dreams and like to follow their own path and realize their own ideas. Rarely are they happy if forced to go along the conventional lines. On the other hand, too much energy can lead to overly ambitious, competitive and careless behavior. All Aries individuals have to be aware of that.

The lower type of Aries will stop at nothing pursuing their goals and purpose. Being the first sign of the horoscope – these people also want to be first in everything and lack no confidence for doing so. The higher Aries, on the other hand, can be a great master, even tough quite severe from time to time, demanding and unbending in their expectations from their subordinates. To this sign there can be great happiness only when totally absorbed in their work.

Aries is optimistic regarding their enterprises, and can handle them with great success. This is especially true if they are required to act swiftly and in a timely fashion in order to face the potential difficulties.

All Aries individuals are very courageous, enthusiastic and generous. They can be very impulsive and opinionated, which at times can lead to obstinately doing what they want in spite of the wishes or intentions of others. On the other hand their strong will is best suited for adventures and romances.

One notable character trait of Aries people is their readiness to defend the cause of the weak and suffering. This selfless and compassionate tendency can often lead to uncritical charity, wasted on individuals that are not worthy of their help.

Aries and Professional Life

With regards to the human body, Aries is the ruler of the face and head. Consequently, people born under the sign of Aries are engaged in all sorts of intellectual activities. They are great leaders, having great confidence and intensity. It is not uncommon for Aries personalities to overcome obstacles, difficulties or problems with great ease, or even welcome them in some extreme cases. This is the true Martian spirit that loves conquest at work.

People born in this sign possess fine perception, great ideals and extraordinary strength. These qualities can help them succeed in all areas of personal and professional life, and yes, they are naturally ambitious people.

Some of the top professions for Aries individuals are surgeons, entrepreneurs, brokers and producers. They excel everywhere where great precision and quick decisions have to be made on a consistent basis. They have great charisma, self-confidence, dynamism enthusiasm and imagination, they love challenges, and they love to lead. They are very creative, they can easily make something from nothing.

Personal Life

Aries people approach personal life with as much enthusiasm, passion and fire as they approach most things in love. Their intensity is best seen at the beginning of their relationships.
Aries shares a lot in common with the sign of Sagittarius and Leo as well as with Libra. The first two are fire signs just like Aries, whereas Libra is an air sign can also be a good match. Having Venus as a ruling planet, Libra – Aries combination can at times be unstable.

Aries Health

As we already said, Aries rules the area of the head, including the brain, face, cranium and jaw. Therefore, this sign is very sensitive to all kinds of head problems, for instance, migraines, tooth problems and gum issues. In addition, Aries people are prone to lower back issues, as well as problems with the kidneys.diamond aries birthstone

Having Mars as their ruling planet, means potentially having aggression and anger as an inner driving force. This means that some people born in this sign will have a temper and impetuous nature. What’s good is the fact that their temper is quick and that they get over distress very quickly.

Aries Birthstones

The modern and traditional birthstone charts denote Diamond as the main birthstones of Aries. The additional birthstones are Bloodstone, Jasper and Aquamarine. The mystical birthstone chart, on the other hand, denotes Carnelian as the most powerful spiritual stone of Aries.