Garnet – January Birthstone

Note: Please consider that the information below is provisional and given for entertainment purposes only. While gemstones may have certain effects, nobody can say for sure what they may be. The health-related and metaphysical information provided below is only what some people believe to be true.

The modern birthstone chart assigns Garnet as January birthstone.

Similarly, the traditional  birthstone chart also indicates that Garnet should be considered a January birthstone (that is, a birthstone of Capricorn and Aquarius).

Garnet is a stone with pronounced metaphysical properties. Some people use Garnet for astral travel, aura purification, clairvoyance, attaining cosmic consciousness,  psychic communication, and transcendental meditation. It can also be used in healing.

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Garnet is one of minerals that humans have used since the Bronze Age. It has been used both as a precious stone and as abrasive. It is a good communication stone, one that promotes and enriches any relationship you are currently in. Garnet is also a stone of relaxation, as it provides comfort in periods of transition and moving from one relationship phase to another.


There are several varieties of Garnet: Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartine, Grossular, Uvarovite and Andradite. Each of them has its special color. The most common color is dark red to brownish red. However, Garnet can be found in a wide range of colors as well. The name of Garnet comes from the Latin word “granum” which means grain, reflecting the similarity with the seed of pomegranate.

The qualities you can find in Garnet are also present in Ruby, to a certain extent. The difference is that Garnet displays them in a more gentle way. For example, Ruby is a stone that promotes intense passion and desires. With Garnet, the awakened sexual energy is more likely to be transferred into friendship than into a passionate relationship. On the other hand, Garnet has a reputation of strengthening the willpower and self-esteem, which makes the person who wears it more attractive in the eyes of other people.

When purchasing Garnet as your birthstones, make sure you purchase the genuine natural mineral. Too often we see man-made simulants that are being offered as Garnets, even though they are colored cubic zirconia or similar stones.