Spiritual Birthstones by Sign

In the following the spiritual birthstones for each of the Zodiac Signs are presented. Please note that there are numerous interpretations, and the one given here is based on the deeper spiritual significance of the astrological sings. Each individual is unique, and during the course of ones life it is not uncommon that the person gos through a number of different signs, not just the one they are born in. That is why this, as well as any other given birthstone interpretation, should be understood only as a general guideline into the subject of spiritual birthstones.

Malachite as Birthstone

Malachite is a stone that attracts spiritual powers into our physical reality. This is a stone of transformation and change. It clears the space from negative energies and negative radiation of any kind. Malachite teaches us to assume responsibility for our actions and choices, for every our thought, feeling, word, or deed. It is a remarkable healing stone. Malachite has a noticeable color that is layered concentrically with brighter and darker areas of the same basic green hue. It is an opaque stone that can be polished to a high luster. Notable occurrences are in the USA, Congo, Angola, Zambia, […]

Hematite: Birthstone of Aquarius

Hematite is a versatile stone that can be used for healing, grounding, divination, meditation, stabilization, and protection. The color of Hematite is metallic gray, at first sight, very similar to the color of steel. This is an opaque stone with high metallic luster when polished. Notable occurrences are in the USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Hematite, in contrast to many other popular crystals and stones, is a rather strange, heavy stone. Its very name is surrounded by mystery. The ancient people used to call it blood stone, which, looking at a piece of polished […]

Coral as Birthstone

Because Coral is of organic origin, its most important function is to connect us with Nature and Her blessings. The tender energy of Coral is the main thing that draws us to this stone over and over again. Coral teaches us of the principles of giving and receiving. It improves our tact, intuition, imagination, and visualization, and helps in acquiring knowledge of the higher worlds. Coral is actually not a mineral. It is comprised of the skeletal remains secreted by marine coral polyps. These tiny animals live in colonies that branch and grow in size and can be major integral […]

Meanings of Sunstone and Birthstone Compatibility

Sunstone is a great looking stone, despite the fact that it is not a precious stone. It belongs to the class of semi precious stones. If you decide to wear this stone you will likely find many benefits. For example, you may find that your mood improves. Indeed, this stone it is considered a great antidepressant stone. With Sunstone by your side, you may find it easier to rejoice in your own achievements. It will help you to look forward to the “future self” you are about to become. Sunstone is known to promote relaxation, recuperation, and enjoying in life. […]

Calcite as a Birthstone: Lore, Properties, and Healing

Calcite is one of the most important stones for industrial application. It can also be used as a gemstone in jewelry production. However, here we are going to touch upon its metaphysical properties and astrological connotations. Some people consider Calcite a suitable birthstone. We are also going to see what are the Zodiac signs that get the most benefits from wearing this gemstone. Calcite has been used to promote new ways of thinking and help create positive habits. Known as one of the stones that facilitate energy flow throughout the body, it can bring peace, balance, and calm in your […]

Green Aventurine Birthstone — Months, Signs, and Uses

Aventurine is an opaque variety of quartz with chemical formula SiO2. It can also contain some amounts of plagioclase Feldspar in its matrix. Its hardness is between 6.5 and 7, which is the average range for a silicate material. Its most notable property is aventurescence, a sparkling display of colors, that occurs as a result of the presence of tiny mineral inclusions (mica or hematite) on its surface. The color of Aventurine can be green, brown, orange, yellow, blue, and red. Most common is the green variation, and here we are going to consider this one only. Notable occurrences of […]

Amazonite Birthstone – Months, Signs, and Uses

One of the alternative names of Amazonite is “stone of hope”, as it is believed that it brings hope and inspires confidence with the wearer. This stone is thought to bring peace and creativity, and to promote honesty, communication, and self-confidence. On top of that, Amazonite can help you manifest and maintain pure, universal love toward the people around you as well as toward your own life. Notable occurrences are in India, Brazil, Australia, and the USA. In composition, Amazonite is a silicate material with moderate hardness (6-6.5), which means you should be careful not to damage the stone while […]

Snowflake Obsidian — Birthstone of Scorpio

One of the less known birthstones of Scorpio is Obsidian. If you are born from October 24 to November 22, you may consider this black stone as one of your potential birthstones. Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass. It occurs when lava is cooled rapidly. When the lava hardens rapidly, there is no time for any crystalline structure to be formed. This is a black shiny stone. The other name of Obsidian is natural glass. Indeed, there is no well define crystal structure to this stone, making it very similar to glass. The other well known ad less well […]

Kyanite — Natural Birthstone of Taurus

Kyanite doesn’t belong to the traditional birthstone chart. It is not a member of the modern birthstone chart as well. Kyanite also doesn’t belong to the main gemstones associated with the 12 astrological signs. However, Kyanite can be used as a Birthstone, and there are other ways we can link it to one or another Zodiac sign. The most suitable sign to wear this stone seems to be the sign of Taurus (April 19.– May 20.). Based on the natural birthstone classification (which, in turn, is based on the color of the stones as their primary quality), we can associate […]

Citrine – Birthstone of Virgo

Last time we talked about Tourmaline as a spiritual birthstone of Libra. Now, we are going to focus our attention on the Zodiac sign of Virgo, and Citrine as its spiritual birthstone. Introduction The Light Temple of Balance, Security and Trust irradiates its strong forces predominantly from August 23rd to September 22nd. People born in the astrological sign of Virgo are highly susceptible to the energies of this Temple. From the world of crystals and stones, it is Citrine which is the favorite stones of this Temple and the best conduit of its energies. That is why, dear Virgoans, Citrine […]

Tourmaline – Birthstone of Libra

Last time we were discussing Rock Crystal as a spiritual birthstone of Leo. Now, we are going to elaborate on the Zodiac sign of Libra, and Tourmaline as its birthstone. Introduction During the time of Libra, from 23.09. to 22.10., our planet is exposed to the magnificent outpourings of the Light Temple of Liberty. Certain crystals and stones are favorites of this Temple. Above all, Tourmaline is specially susceptible to the powers of the Temple of Liberty. Therefore, people born in the astrological sign of Libra should choose Tourmaline as their stone. Tourmaline is their personal crystal, their birthstone. Libra […]

Rock Crystal – Birthstone of Leo

Spiritual science assigns Rock Crystal as a birthstone of Leo. Please note that this is different from the traditional or modern interpretations of birthstones. In our interpretation, for example, Chalcedony is a birthstone of  Sagittarius, Tiger’s Eye birthstone of Gemini, etc. In the period from 23.07. to 22.08., our planet Earth is submerged into strong outpourings of the Temple of Ceremony and Nobility. These energies are best received by people born in the Zodiac Sign of Leo. The stone that best accumulates and stores the vibrations of this temple is Rock Crystal.  So, beloved Leo individuals, Rock Crystal is your […]

Chalcedony – Sagittarius Birthstone

So far we have seen that the spiritual interpretation assigns Tiger’s Eye to Gemini, Rose Quartz to Taurus, and Carnelian to Aries as their birthstones. Now we will discuss the most important treats of Sagittarius and the meanings of Chalcedony as spiritual birthstone of this Zodiac sign. Between 22nd of November and 21st of December, our planet Earth is submerged into strong outpourings of the Light Temple of Fire and Inspiration. These energies are best received by people born in the Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius. In this, they can get significant help from the world of crystals and stones. Many […]

Tiger Eye – Gemini Birthstone

The birthstone of Gemini from the spiritual point of view is Tiger Eye. Although the traditional interpretation assigns Emerald, Moonstone and Pearls as birthstones, we believe that Tiger Eye has a much deeper significance and can be considered a personal crystal of this zodiac sign. In the following we will explore first the most important characteristics of this sign, and then we will talk about the features of Tigers Eye. Gemini – General Characteristics The symbol of the zodiac sign of Gemini at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis was a maiden with a Sun disk on her forehead looking […]

Rose Quartz – Taurus Birthstone

The Light Temple of Faith, Strength, Fortitude and Hercules Power sends its outpourings increasingly in the period from April 21 to May 20. People born in the astrological sign of Taurus are especially sensitive to energies of this Temple. From the wondrous world of crystals and minerals, Rose Quartz is one of the favorite stones of this Zodiac Light Temple and an excellent transmitter of its energies. Rose Quartz can receive, store, focus, and ceaselessly irradiate the gifts of this temple. Therefore, it is Rose Quartz, dear Taurus, which is your birthstone – your personal crystal. TAURUS – THE HEAVENLY […]

Carnelian – Aries Birthstone

There are numerous interpretations regarding the birthstone of Aries – here we present what we believe is the real spiritual association between the zodiac sign of Aries and the crystal world. From March 21 to April 20, the Light Temple of Wisdom increasingly sends its irradiation to people born in the astrological sign of Aries. The Aries-type of personality is especially susceptible to the energies of this temple, while Carnelian is its favorite stone amongst all the members of the mineral world. Carnelian is thus the perfect crystal to absorb, store, focus, and irradiate the gifts of the Sun Temple […]